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This site contains no factual information. Assume everything is a lie. Even this about page is a lie, but not everything. You be the judge. The site contains humour. If you find something that is not funny, then it probably isn’t. If it gets you angry – you’re doing it wrong.

Nothing is sacred within these pages. All persons, religions, races, stereotypes will be exploited. In a very tasteful manner mind you, but we cannot always guarantee that. In fact it is better to assume that everything will be tasteless and/or unfunny. No need to set yourself up for disappointment.

What can you expect from this site? Basically, modified front pages of newspapers, spoofed interviews, spoofed people’s opinion, spoofed advice columns, and some more spoofs. It seems as though you can expect a faq in the middle of the about page also.

If you are insulted and need to vent, call us at 1-868-626-6722. If it sounds like it’s the Trinidad and Tobago Reading Association, it is. Don’t worry, they handle calls for us. Tell them that you have a problem understanding the written word and would like some help. That’s kind of like our department name, so they’ll transfer you right away. A staff member will try to assist you with your problem.

If you want to complement or you just need a friend, you can contact us at All emails go directly to our networked Nokia BlueBerry Muffin thingamajig so someone will respond in a short period of time. Give us 48 hours during the week or a week on weekends, national holidays or plain ol’ beer drinking days (Note: these are not found on most calendars).

Enjoy the site, leave comments, tell a friend. Maybe two if you’ve got an extra one lying around. Do whatever you normally do at sites like these.

Trini Fake News Team


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