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3 November, 2007

Participating in Election 2007 – A primer for non-eligible persons

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web hit counterAs a voter in the 2007 election you hold the future of our country in your hand. Even if you are one of the 18,000 Commonwealth persons who may be voting, you hold the future of Trinidadians and Tobagonians in your hands. The point is to remember that you are holding someone’s future in your hand. You want to be very careful with this responsibility. For those of you who cannot legally vote, there are still options for you to shape the future of Trinidad and Tobago.

If you are below ten years of age, you can support your party by posing for newspaper worthy photos while bearing symbols of your party. In this way you can tug at the heartstrings of the older generation and possibly sway them on where they mark that ballot paper. This method of support is likely to provide great returns to your party as can be seen by the multiple photos of young people supporting some particular party. One thing of note though, you should try to look at least a little bit please to be supporting the party. Sullen looks under red berets do no good.


Another way for non-eligible voters to show their support is by handing out flyers or sticking up posters for the candidate of your particular constituency. You may want to be a bit careful with this one because it has proven to be a bit dangerous in some areas such as Enterprise Village, Chaguanas or Lavantille. If handing out fliers is not your sort of thing you can also try your hand at defacing existing posters and billboards. Make sure you deface them in such a way that your work is recognizable. Some current parties are placing their posters in such a manner as to deter vandals. They use cunning strategies such as sticking their posters upside down or at weird angles so that they are intentionally unreadable. You need to be creative here to overcome such wily techniques.

These are two techniques we have outlined for you the non-eligible public. With a little bit of creativity you can come up with many more ways that you can ensure that your or your parent’s favourite party gets into power in the coming elections.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Vandalism






This is an example of how vandalism should not be done. If you are going to vandalize a poster, please ensure that the poster belongs to an opposing party. Remember that the objective is to promote your own party and to bring disrepute to the other parties.










This is an example of how vandalism should be done. The beauty of this piece of work lays in the fact that nature by means of wind and rain causes the act of vandalism to be prolonged. The original vandals would have only needed to expend a little effort and then let nature do the rest. We can all learn a lot from this dear readers.


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