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1 November, 2007

Political Ads – PNM

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  1. good stuff, dude (dudette?), you should do a live version of this. gayelle is open to this stuff why not check them out? a tv show of half-hr or even 15 mins would do really well, I think

    Comment by Raymond Ramcharitar — 3 November, 2007 @ 1:36 pm

  2. As if the murder rate of women declined under NAR or UNC. Stop playing cheap politics with something this serious.

    Comment by Emily Fernandes — 3 November, 2007 @ 2:34 pm

  3. Emily,

    Thank you for the feedback. Okay we’ll stop making fun of anything too serious. Is the PNM off limits? How about poking fun at the UNC or COP, would you find that funnier? It’s great when the public tell us what they like to read. We’ll have a public consultation on the topic and get the views of people like you. After we’ve had that maybe we’ll tell you that instead of having one blog we’ll have three. Would you like that?

    Hope you keep reading Emily and keep offering such insightful comments. Maybe you can read some of the other posts we have, I guess you haven’t yet. Our Bill Johnson poll says that people think they’re funny. We can’t release the details though, just take our word for it. There are some posts that poke fun at the UNC and the COP. I suspect you’ll love those. The NAR isn’t really doing much right now so we doubt many people want to read news about what went on in 1986. You can read our column called Time Machine for old news though.

    One thing we’ve learned in life is that if one political party fucks up, all we need to do is compare it to another party. It doesn’t really make sense looking at things from the perspective of the current administration is fucking up the country. It is much better to compare the PNM to the UNC or the NAR. No matter what the PNM does, let us only compare them to the UNC. For us to judge them by their own achievments or failures would be too ridiculous. Emily – you are the futue of Trinidad and Tobago. With people like you we can be assured that the country will continue on the path that we are heading. Thank you Emily.

    Comment by trinifakenews — 3 November, 2007 @ 5:28 pm

  4. […] Note: The answers of Dr. Meighoo are from an actual email written by Dr. Meighoo. We rearranged the text. This explanation is for those of you out there who don’t understand humour. We’re looking at you Emily Fernandes. […]

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