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30 October, 2007

In The News – 30th October 2007

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Panday: I am the Enemy

Former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday has admitted his leadership role in the UNC-A would be the reason the UNC-A lose the election and for a possible PNM win.

A public meeting held on Sunday night at Bonne Aventure Juncton in Gasparillo was the scene for this somewhat obvious revelation. Lamenting that citizens were “blue in the face” from appealing for his resignation from active politics, Panday pleaded with supporters, “You can take this government but you need to promise me something here tonight. That on the 5th of May, you are not going to vote for me.” The crowd looked a bit perplexed by this statement and wrong election date but cheered on their hero in spite of his obvious declining mental prowess.

Chaguanas Mayor Suruj Rambachan tried to save the night by offering the security forces, who will cast their ballots as special voters this week, a $1 million payout to the family of officers killed in the line of duty.

Ministry blame schools for De-Shifting mess

School principals were at the receiving end of a strongly worded comment by Ministry of Education officials for the current debacle in the shift towards Junior Secondary Schools to whole day, five-year schools.

The Ministry wondered what the reason was for principals allowing thousands of students to spend more time at home than at school. “This is a total shock to us” said the Ministry official. “The PNM manifesto clearly states that thirteen Junior Secondary Schools were de-shifted and converted to full-day secondary schools. Are these principals trying to play politics with out children’s education?” the official wondered.

Angry parents were dismayed at the prospect of having their young hooligans at their homes unsupervised.

School principals stated that the reason was lack of space in the schools but Ministry officials waved off this issue. “The principals need to find a solution, not muddle the issue with these unnecessary details” The Ministry official stated.

Burn Victim Looks to God

Aaron Jaipersad sat in a depressed state at his home in Siparia yesterday. Jaipersad was released from hospital where he had spent more than a month under the care of doctors and nurses. Jaipersad, 20, and another Trincannot contract worker, Ronald Chan, also from Siparia, received serious burns about the face and body after an oil tank containing hydrocarbons ignited at the Acme Quarry Road field, Quinam on September 18. At the time of the accident they were erecting lights.

Jaipersad described his sad state as due to the fact that when he prayed to God for help God refused him. “I used to have nightmares about fires, but I always prayed to God and asked him to not let that happen to me” Jaipersad said. “What’s up with that?” Jaipersad questioned to no one in particular. Jaipersad expressed his dismay at the fact that he was burned while erecting lights, something he described as being akin to doing God’s work.

Jaipersad said he was grateful to the doctors at the Burns Unit of the San Fernando General Hospital but held back any praise for God. God could not be reached for comment.


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