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21 October, 2007

Exclusive – Lies Exposed

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web hit counterIt is indeed a sad day when we as citizens cannot trust our politicians. The lies of politicians have become a standard among our neighbours to the north. Trinidad and Tobago politicians however have been renowned worldwide for their truthfulness. Those halcyon days are over. This election season has brought with it a new form of discourse between the politicians and our voting public. A dialogue filled with lies is the standard we are to expect now.

The past couple days have seen two examples of the lies of political parties being exposed. The PNM has used a possible fake policeman in one of their advertisement. The evidence for this lies in the fact that the photo displays a citizen actually being helped by an officer as opposed to being killed ‘accidentally’ by the slippery trigger finger of one of our officers. The COP touting a form of new politics seems to mean that they will not follow past standards of honest conduct expected among our politicians. This standard of truth and trust is thrown to the wayside to be replaced by lies. They attempt to misguide us with their lie of having an army captain on their slate. They attempt to mitigate this by stating he is a former captain but this means nothing when he is garbed as an army personnel. They attempt to rely on the fact that citizens of this country hold army personnel in such high regard.

The UNC-A until now had seemed to be the only party willing to uphold the long expected standard of truth and fairness. Trini Fake News investigative reporters however have uncovered what may in fact be the worst of these lies. The UNC has a beautiful disabled woman holding a pair of crutches. The viewer becomes sympathetic not only with the woman but the plight of disabled persons in Trinidad and Tobago. This sympathy is misplaced though. We have discovered that this woman is in fact a crutch less woman. In our exclusive undated photograph, we see the same woman carrying what seem to be two heavy boxes up a flight of stairs.

The UNC-A needs to explain how a disabled woman who is supposed to need crutches in her daily life can accomplish such a task. Are we to believe that Panday’s UNC, like some modern day reincarnation of Jesus Christ, will heal our disabled persons and give them the gift to amble carefree under a UNC led government? Their advertisement may have backfired though. The only miracle they can expect is that the citizens will have gained the gift of sight. Sight to see through their lies.

Trini Fake News is disgusted by this new phenomenon of our politicians lying to the public. Where next can we expect lies? Will our religious leaders be next? In a society grown accustomed to the truthfulness of our fellow man, we must curtail this heinous attack upon the very fabric of society. If we fail we may very well be expected to mistrust our fellow man in the not too distant future.


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